Antique art 1920s // acrylic art // landscape art // gilded frame

  • $400.00

Beautiful gilded frame. Acrylic Forest scene by M. Laczko. 42”X30.5”

M. Laczko – there is an autobiographical account by an accomplished artist, Bonnie Ann Evans, whose grandmother
was a sculptress named Mary Laczko Keleman (maiden name: M. Laczko.) The grandfather was also an artist
who did broadway stage sets in the 20s, so we’re talking about a family of professional artists.

Furthermore, they all lived in Connecticut and (according to Bonnie Ann Evans) the grandfather used to
paint crabs & sea life, so it’s a good guess that his wife, M. Laczko, also did some paintings of ocean scenes,
in addition to sculpting. Because it would be a rare sculptor who didn’t try his or her hand at painting. Therefore,
it appears your M. Laczko may well have been Mary Laczko Keleman . Or Mary Laczko, before she married. It could be
that the reason we don’t find an “M. Laczko, painter” via a Google search may be due to the fact that she was mainly
a sculptor. Plus, as a woman in those days, she may not have been recognized professionally. … Of course this is not
really definite, but it looks like a good possibility.
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