Brit & Barclay
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Brit & Barclay

antiques & curiosities for bold interiors

Brit & Barclay is your one stop shop that curates experiences through bold interiors where maximalist prints are paired with eclectic home decor. We provide a wide variety of standout wallpapers, luxurious fabrics, and all manner of antiques and curiosities

We strive to stimulate the senses and celebrates what once was by pairing a tenacious lust for vogue interiors and fashion while indulging in maximalist tendencies.

B&B is about having the confidence to be as ostentatious and unique as you truly are!

We revitalize antique furniture with modern fabric and revive forgotten treasures with paint and appliqués. Playing with colour, textiles, and prints in our interiors is an absolute must! We also put a fresh lens on vintage fashion because playing dress up is not just for little girls. Whether it belongs in your closet or elsewhere in your home, we’ve got something special for you!