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Spring 2019 ORC Week 3

Week Three is here! (she says while she take a large exhale)

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Yes, I am feeling a bit better about where I’m at because I’m starting to get through some of the boring stuff (drywall & mud) and I get closer to more of the fun stuff (upholstery & creating the magical forest!)

Let’s talk about what I accomplished this week though!



Probably the cheapest part of the whole process (isn’t it usually?), but I mean…in this case I only used colours that I had bought for other projects or I wound up getting a steal at the paint store finding a large bucket of fresh paint for only $5.

I also had a special helper come and give me a hand here. Haha. It only lasted for a few minutes, but she seemed very thrilled with the idea of getting to help. I might not normally be willing to let her mess around on my walls, but considering this room IS for her - I feel I’d be missing the point if I didn’t let her join in.

Completing the Wardrobe

When I originally had Alex, from A & R Renovations, follow my designs to create an old style wardrobe, we essentially created a face that would be a simple insert into the door frame. If I was going to invest in having a professional carpenter do the work on this for me, then I want to be able to take it when I move. So we decided to do the work in two stages.

First, we had to make sure we had a solid plan and that he was executing on my vision. I really love the style of old Victorian wardrobes, so that’s what I had in the back of my mind going in. He did a few test boards just to make sure he had all the right angles and curves precisely as I had imagined. Then he went to work to make the real, life-size version.


The whole front of the wardrobe is made out of maple wood, which is really, really beautiful and smooth.

Because I want this to be a functional space for extra coat storage (we live in Canada and need heavy winter coats for the whole family!), I wanted the wardrobe deep enough for two railings to hang the coats. The second stage of the wardrobe creation was simply deepening the wardrobe and extending it into the closet both on the walls and the ceiling. For this inner portion we used birch, largely due to significant cost savings, but Alex was able to match it fairly closely to the front cover. I’m sure no one will ever even notice the difference.

IMG_4816 (1).jpg

With the walls and ceiling up, it is exciting to finally see this section come to completion and get the full experience of walking through a wardrobe before entering Narnia!

Finishing the Bookshelf

I’m so excited that my daughter is only 2 and already LOVES to read. Clearly we encourage this love of reading and go so far as to limit any gifts she gets to books. I never wanted a house full of random toys that she plays with a handful of times and then forgets; books on the other hand, are read over and over and over again!

Here’s where we started:


I also had Alex help me with this portion because underneath the stairs was so ROUGH. He helped by cutting the wood pieces to size and installing them for me. I painted them in the garage beforehand. I think it is looking great. The new birch wood perfectly covered the old rough plywood used for the stairs and gave it an over all nice finish.


Alex glued in the individual pieces of wood and then caulked the edges. Of course, after all this there were still a few quick paint touch ups to complete.

Installing the Grass


Of course you can’t have a forest without a floor, and while I wasn’t prepared to bring dirt into the playroom, I was capable of installing faux grass so that it still brought the outdoors in. (this part I did completely by myself!)

This was actually a fairly tricky process since it is like installing carpet, but really really really stiff carpet. After two days of going after that floor, I will admit that my knuckles are slightly torn and my right thumb feels bruised.

(this is where you all say, “suck it up buttercup!” lol Even I am rolling my eyes at myself. But still..I’d like a fresh manicure now!)


So that’s a wrap for week three. Guys! We’re half way there…three posts left. I’m certainly learning a lot through this process. It is one thing to do a project like this, it is quite another to document it in real time. It’s good for me! There are growing pains, but it’s good for me!

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