Traditional dinner service CORONATION art deco silverware silver plate BY oneida vintage 1936 community flatware

  • $450.00

CORONATION by Community Oneida silver plate flatware set, 30 pieces. 6 place setting plus serving utensils.

This dinner set has the traditional style pieces rather than the modern grille/viande style service. This is a highly collectible pattern introduced by Oneida Community in 1936 and you can see the Art Deco influence in the design of the handles.

6 Hollow Handle Dinner Knives 9-1/4" with Stainless Blades

6 Dinner Forks 7-1/2"

6 Salad or Dessert Forks 6-1/4"

6 Soup Spoons 6-7/8"

6 Teaspoons 6-1/8"

1 gravy ladle 7 1/2"

3 serving spoons 8 1/4"

1 cold meat fork 8 1/2"

1 sugar spoon 6"

Most of the pieces are marked "Community" or "Community Plate".

CONDITION: This dinner set is in very good condition. No Monograms. No dents or bends in the metal. Just the normal light fine surface scratching you would expect to find with a used but well cared for set.

Item number 72529. Pattern code: OHSCOR
Community, no monos

background on the pattern:

The Coronation pattern was introduced to commemorate the crowning of King Edward VIII in England (which never did happen). The flatware was also marketed in Canada and Great Britain, where it is known by the name Hampton Court.